Twerk Museum:
Coming 2024

You don’t have to wait until The Twerk Museum opens to twerk it out with us!  Take twerk classes NOW and play the Twerkingo™ Game with us in person and online.  

Play Twerkingo™

Ever played a game where booty shaking is the strategy? Welcome to Twerkingo! Learn trending twerk moves, challenge your squad and scoop up prizes. Swap that game night for a twerk night! Twerk it, werk it.

Twerkingo™ Game Nights =
Twerk Classes + Game Night

Come to our Twerkingo™ Game Nights and learn twerk moves, the history behind the moves then … twerk off! It’s you against the board and the ops. Play in person (Atlanta) or online in our Zoom room.

Twerkingo™ Game Night - American Dance (Zoom)

February 23rd @ 8PM EST

Twerkingo™ Game Night - American Dance (Online Zoom Room)

February 24th @ 7PM EST

10 Things You Should Know About The History Of Twerk

Download – “10 Things You Should Know About The History Of Twerk“. This FREE eBook explores the African origins of twerk and its’ modern day metamorphosis. 

African Woman Dancing

At The Twerk Museum, we share the rich history stripped from our ancestors during slavery and colonization, reconnect to our African heritage and reclaim the meaning behind our ancestral dance traditions with a new sense of pride.

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