The Twerkingo Game™: African Diaspora Bundle is available just in time for Black history month. Learn twerk moves from Africa, the Caribbean, South America and America and explore the history of each region. Then play the Twerkingo™ Game. There are 3 ways to “Twerkingo” and we have prizes for them all. 

Get The Twerkingo Game™

Take home the Twerkingo Game™ and play it with your friends. Great for game nights, birthday parties, baby. showers, bachelorette parties and more! 

Twerkingo™ Game Nights

Play the Twerkingo™ Game with us! Join our game nights online or in person. 

What Is Twerkingo?

Hey, Bootyfuls! 

If you like game nights, dancing, or both – you’re going to love the Twerkingo™ Game! 

Does Twerkingo™ sound familiar? Well … the concept is similar to another game we all know. Only Twerkingo™ is less B4, more WAP and a whole lotta twerkin’.

So … how does the Twerkingo™ Game work?

#1 Learn The Moves: Our twerk instructor teaches moves from our Twerkingo™ Game card, with step-by-step instructions for beginners and seasoned twerk-a-holics.

How the Twerkingo Game works?

#2 Play The Twerkingo™ Game: Play the moves you just learned. It’s you against the game card … and against the other players. 

#3 Win Prizes: There are 3 different ways you can “TWERKINGO.” And we have prizes for them all! 


#4 Twerkingo™ is a whole workout: Engage those core muscles, sculpt your glutes and get that cardio in. 

#5 We’re All About Inclusive Vibes: Big booty, small booty, no booty – we love ‘em all! No matter your shape, size or skill level, our class is a judgment-free zone where everyone shines. 

#6 You Will Learn Your Twerk History: Deep dive into the African origins behind twerking and see how the ancestral dances connect to the dances we do today.

SUGGESTED DRESS CODE: Free the booty meats and come ready to dance! Leggings, shorts, sneakers or heels. Knee pads and yoga mat suggested. 

START TIME: Event starts promptly at scheduled time. 10 minute grace period for late attendees. Late entry is not guaranteed. No refunds for lateness. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your camera must be TURNED ON for the class and the game. Make sure you can participate in a spacious room where we can see your entire body. That way we can see if you are doing the moves correctly and help you make adjustments if needed.



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