The Twerk Museum

The Twerk Museum is an immersive, interactive experience merging dance, history and culture. Coming to Atlanta in 2024. 

The Twerk Museum:
Celebrating Dance, History And Culture


At the Twerk Museum, we trace the origins of twerking back to Africa, show how the art form evolved throughout the African diaspora and teach both the historical and modern dances.


Historical exhibits from Africa, the Caribbean, South America and America are featured and the dances unique to each region are explored. 


Like any good selfie museum, we have installations perfect for content creation – only ours are centered on dance and the cultures that birthed them. 

Twerkingo Game and The Twerk Museum

Celebrity trainer and choreographer Torwa Joe, founded the Twerk Technicians, a dance certification program for twerk instructors that explores the origins of twerking and teaches twerk moves from around the world. She created the Twerkingo Game as a fun way to learn the moves and their names. Joe then teamed up with TheTwerk Museum™ owners, Nikki St.John and Kiara Mahan, to create Twerk Museum themed Twerkingo Game cards. During Black History month, the first four game cards were released, focusing on basic twerk moves from Africa, the Caribbean, South America and America. 

Torwa Joe owns Vertical Joe’s dance studio in Atlanta, popular for teaching twerk choreography and pole acrobatics since 2009. Clients include cast members on Stars P-Valley, Ushers Las Vegas Residency, Real Housewives of Atlanta and more. Twerk Museum Creative Director Nikki St.John, is a professional pole dancer and author who has toured with Kandi and Snoop and appeared in viral campaigns like Get Your Booty to the Pole. Kiki (Kiara Mahan) brings the creative worlds together with over a decade of business experience. 

“The goal of Twerkingo is to have everyone in the world celebrating dance culture, the beauty of movement and the art of hip activated dances created by the Black woman,” says Torwa Joe.

Meet The Twerk Museum Team

We are a team of dancers, creatives and entrepreneurs who just want to make the world dance! 


Nikki St.John

Creative Director


Kiara Mahan

Business Director


Torwa Joe

Choreography Director 

Erika Amesi

Financial Director

brigette headshot

Brigette Jones

Historical Director


Miles Woods

Influencer Director


3379 Peachtree Rd NE Unit 655

Atlanta, GA 30326


(770) 585-2023